Why Sprked?

Support is fundamental to creating new content. Which is why fans are the backbone of the art community. Through Sprked, you can now directly support your favorite content creators. In time, allowing artists to focus on the creative process. Piece of mind, stress free!

And, because artists know what’s best for their community of fans, they can offer catered subscriptions with unique perks. This creates a closer relationship, which fosters growth. Happier artists, happier fans! So Sprk creativity today.


Craft your campaign page and upload new content freely. Once you’re live, just post updates as you go. No approval required!


Share your excitement and latest creations with fans by posting actively on social media outlets, blogs, and forums.


Reach ambitious goals with the support of fans. Use the proceeds to finally produce that masterpiece that you’ve been dreaming of!


Featured campaigns
Featured campaigns
Let your creativity loose!